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City sees cuts in state LGA over next two years

With Gov. Tim Pawlenty's announcement of local government aid cuts last week the City of New York Mills found out how much next year's budget will be affected.

New York Mills will lose $24,437 in 2009, which drops the LGA from $385,676 to $361,239. The city will also see a cut of $56,387 in 2010.

Darla Berry, NYM City Clerk, provided the numbers to the city council during a special meeting Tuesday.

The cut in 2009 is 6.3 percent, however, the state calls it a 3.31 percent cut, based on the total of LGA and local levy. That total is $737,676. NY Mills' levy amount of $352,000 includes $148,000 for general obligation debt, which the city cannot cut/reduce when revenues drop.