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Some laws begin Wednesday, unemployment benefits extended

New Minnesota laws as of Wednesday include:

-- Unemployment benefits extended: Some jobless Minnesotans will get higher unemployment benefits for the next year.

-- Young restrained: Children up to 8 years old or 4-foot-9 must use child restrain systems while riding in motor vehicles.

-- Electronic waste change: Incentives are expanded to makers of electronics such as computer monitors and televisions to continue their recycling programs.

-- Licensing changes: Continuing education requirements for real estate agents, appraisers, insurance agents and adjusters are changed so make it easier to study via the Internet.

-- Energy funds: The University of Minnesota Initiative for Renewable Energy the Environment begins to receive $5 million a year to study environmentally sound ways of producing renewable energy.

-- Gambling proceeds: A new system goes into effect of rating how much money charitable gaming institutions actually give to charities, based on the percentage of proceeds donated compared to gross receipts.

-- Disabled aid: Blind, deaf and hearing-impaired Minnesotans should find it easier to access on-line state services, which received new money to update Web sites for the disabled.

-- Trucks banned: Trucks longer than 55 feet no longer can use Minnesota 36 near the Stillwater Lift Bridge, a legislative decision designed to allow the aging structure to survive longer.