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70 Minnesota National Guard soldiers return from Iraq & Afghanistan

Community, friends and family of the St. Paul-based C Company (Air

Ambulance), 2nd Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment will gather for a Welcome

Home Ceremony following the unit's return from a 12-month deployment in

support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

The Soldiers of C Company, 2nd Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment served in

Iraq and Afghanistan performing aero-medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) and medical

resupply missions. This was the first time a Minnesota Army National Guard

unit received a change of mission to Afghanistan while already serving in


C Company, 2-211th General Support Aviation Battalion's MEDEVAC mission in

Iraq consisted of supporting Marine Expeditionary forces in western Iraq and

was a unique and autonomous mission. Their primary mission was providing

lifesaving aero-medical evacuation services throughout Al Anbar Province of

Iraq, the largest medical evacuation coverage area in Iraq.

C Company performed more than 300 MEDEVAC missions, providing lifesaving

evacuation services to more than 500 patients. Through a combined effort of

aircraft maintainers, aircraft fuelers, flight operations personnel and

flight crews, the unit flew more than 1,700 flight hours. In addition, C

Company's fuelers provided support to the Marine's helicopter fleet as well,

delivering over 200,000 gallons of fuel to Marine aircraft.

In early April 2009, one Forward Support Medical Team of nineteen aircrew

memebers received a change of mission. Nineteen Soldiers and four aircraft

deployed to Afghanistan to support the developing fight. In Afghanistan, C

CO 2-211th personnel provided aero-medical evacuation and medical resupply in

the Regional Command-South and Regional Command-West from the Kandahar

Airfield. While serving in Afghanistan, C Co 2-211th conducted over 340

missions and flew more than 625 hours making them directly responsible for

the improvement of response times and delivery of injured servicemembers to

medical treatment facilities.

Members of the media are invited to attend the Welcome Home Ceremony for

these Soldiers. The unit is scheduled to arrive at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Monday, July 27 at the Army Aviation Support Facility 206 Airport Road, St.

Paul, MN 55107.

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