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Major work on NYM streets project nears completion

The long process of the latest streets and underground utilities project in New York Mills is nearing the final construction stages, with completion expected by the end of the month.

Al Holtberg, Public Works Director, and project engineer Jon Pratt reported to the NYM City Council the project is going well and Sellin Bros. expects to pave Nowell, Frazee, and Van Aernam Streets later this week, followed by turf restoration, to essentially complete the south side phase. Curb and gutter, as well as driveway aprons are in place on Nowell and Frazee. After touching up the Class 5 base, paving should take place on Friday.

The other remaining major phase of the project is on Gillman on the north side of the Lund plant. Pratt reported to the council he expects to see Sellin pouring curb and gutter, sidewalks, and driveway aprons this week. The concrete work is expected to cure over the weekend, with Class 5 brought in early next week. Weather permitting, paving on Gillman will likely take place the end of next week, followed by turf restoration.

According to information discussed at the weekly construction meeting last Wednesday, work remaining on Phase 1 (Walker/Hayes/East Gillman) includes mailbox installation and pavement corrections.

One issue discussed at Tuesday's meeting was yard damage directly related to the southside phase of the streets project. With limited access to streets and homes during various stages of the construction, some yards sustained damage due to vehicles using alternate routes through private property.

Although the problem is not necessarily the fault of the city Pratt and the council agreed it is a direct result of the project. The property owners will see the affected areas restored at the completion of the project.