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C&C drops rodeo, to concentrate support on Lund fishing tournament

The New York Mills Civic & Commerce Association voted at its full membership meeting last week to not continue with the annual Rough Ride Rodeo held each summer in June.

Following discussion at the C&C's monthly meeting on Aug. 6, members voted to not hold the rodeo in 2010, but rather focus efforts and sponsorship on the 2nd Annual Lund Mania Fishing Tournament to be held July 2.

The C&C also decided to move the annual parade and street dance to July 2, to coincide with the Lund Mania weekend events.

The fishing tournament was held for the first time this year as part of the community's 125th Anniversary Celebration. Tournament organizers and Lund officials called the first-time event a big success, particularly the Catch, Record & Release format.

Mike Freeman of Lund Boats attended the Aug. 6 C&C meeting and said Lund was very pleased with how the tournament went, and the amount of community support. He also commented on the excitement the tournament brought when the winning teams were announced after the parade in front of Central Park.

Freeman added the fishing tournament is an event that supports New York Mills as well as Lund, and is an opportunity for Lund to strengthen its relationship with the community.

Other comments from C&C members included perhaps it's time to back away from the rodeo and focus on Lund Mania, which was originally set up to earn money for a Lund museum in the future.

The rodeo has been profitable for the C&C each year, but members voted last week to concentrate the group's efforts and sponsorship dollars in supporting the fishing tournament as a fundraiser and large community event.