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$2.5 million sought locally for hospital

The biggest single building project in Perham history--that's how the new Perham Memorial Hospital is being described by Dennis Happel.

Estimated at more than $33 million, financing for the project is mostly in place.

But a local campaign is underway to raise $2.5 million toward the project, and local attorney Happel outlined the effort at the August 11 Perham Chamber of Commerce "Power Hour" meeting.

Also speaking on the subject was Trudy Swanson, a Perham native who left the area for many years and returned with pride to her hometown. Swanson stressed the need for improved medical facilities, particularly with the aging "baby boom" population that will increasingly need health services.

Already, $500,000 has been pledged by KLN Enterprises, and employees there will be encouraged to match the $500,000.

This will leave about $1.5 million for the broader community, said Happel.

A night of celebration will be planned this fall to spur on the hospital campaign, said Happel.