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Ottertail city clerk announces retirement

Ottertail City Clerk Linda Bjelland

After 26 and a half years in the field, Ottertail's city clerk and treasurer Linda Bjelland can still say she enjoys city government.

"It's always changing," she says, which keeps her constantly in need of learning new things and adapting to the policy changes. Now it's her time for a big change, which will come in the form of her recently announced early retirement.

By October 15, Bjelland will no longer be working for the city, citing health reasons as her primary decision to retire right now.

Throughout her years serving the city of Ottertail, Bjelland has helped the city get many policies, ordinances, and procedures in place. When changes are approved by the city council, she takes her role seriously in making sure those guidelines are followed.

One of Bjelland's favorite responsibilities with her job is coordinating the elections. "Most clerks hate it, but I love it," she says of the extremely hectic, but equally exciting election season.

The Ottertail City Council held a special meeting on Monday night, September 28, to determine how to proceed with filling Bjelland's soon to be vacant position. With all of her committed years to city government, Bjelland's loss will certainly be felt by both council members and citizens alike.

"This is a great city," Bjelland says, reflecting on her time in Ottertail. She says she may even attend some of the morning council meetings after her retirement, just to stay in touch with what's going on in the city.