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New high-strength cutter added to emergency arsenal for rescue personnel

New York Mills Fire & Rescue Chief Reed Jacobson holds the new Jaws of Life cutter purchased recently by the department. The cutter will be used for extrication on motor vehicle accidents and is designed to cut through the high-strength metals being used in the manufacturing of new vehicles.

The New York Mills Fire Department recently purchased a new Jaws of Life cutter to be put into service with other fire and rescue equipment.

The cutter cost $8,000 and was purchased with community support and money raised through donations and various fundraisers.

Chief Reed Jacobson thanks the community for supporting the department.

Jacobson said the department purchased the cutter as an update to an old cutter due to change in technology. The Jaws of Life equipment is used for extracation mainly on motor vehicle accidents.

The old cutter, purchased in 2001, has 100,000 pounds of cutting force while the new cutter has 236,000 pounds of force.

A high-strength metal called boron is now used in manufacturing many new vehicles. Chief Jacobson said the old cutter is not sufficient enough to cut through the high-strength metals like boron being used in vehicles.