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Moorhead man given jail, fine for selling cocaine 'eight ball'

DETROIT LAKES -- Adam Charles Bickell, 26, of 1227 32nd St. Moorhead has been sentenced in Becker County District Court for felony controlled substance crime, sale.

According to court records, on Nov. 19, 2008, a confidential reliable informant working for the West Central Minnesota Drug Task Force arranged to buy an "eight ball," or 3.5 grams, of cocaine from Bickell, who lived in Detroit Lakes at the time.

Bickell allegedly could only produce 1.3 grams of cocaine, which he sold to the informant for $140.

On Thursday, District Judge Joe Evans stayed imposition of sentence for 20 years. He was ordered to serve 90 days in jail, with work release or STS privileges granted. He was fined $1,000 plus court fees and ordered to pay $140 restitution to the drug task force.

He must get an updated chemical use assessment and get a mental health evaluation, if recommended by his probation officer.