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Fire destroys Audubon mobile home

DETROIT LAKRS -- An single mother with three children lost her Audubon mobile home to fire Wednesday night.

Audubon Fire Chief Darcy Savig said that the mobile home in the Oak Grove Mobile Home Park at 21804 County Road 6 was totally destroyed.

He said that by the time fire crews arrived, 2/3 of the home was engulfed in flames and several walls were already down.

Crews were on the scene for approximately three hours, Savig said. Temperatures were below zero that evening.

The fire apparently was caused by electrical problems, Savig said. He said that the fire department was out at the same location two months ago. Someone reported smelling smoke related to an electrical problem.

None of the home's residents were home at the time of the fire.

The mobile home was rented and Savig said that renter reportedly did not have renter's insurance.

The Detroit Lakes Fire Department assisted at the scene.