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'Magic of Christmas' lights up downtown Perham for holidays

Mike and Tammy Schmidt, with the "Magic of Christmas" light show they created along Perham's Main Street.

With 16,000 lights flashing-controlled by 134 channels-the "Magic of Christmas" synchronized light display has been a new downtown Perham feature this holiday season.

"The display seems to be received very well and I really have enjoyed some of the kind and thoughtful comments via phone calls or e-mail," said Mike Schmidt, a national award-winning fireworks designer who is applying his experience to Christmas lighting.

The light show is synchronized to up to eight songs, and starts each evening at 5 p.m. and runs until 9 p.m. Spectators can tune their car radio to 107.7 to listen to the music background.

There have been some minor problems with the FM radio signal but that should be now corrected, said Schmidt, who created the "Magic of Christmas" with his wife Tammy.

A sound system in the park also plays the music for those who step out and listen to the soundtrack in the park.

The shows are approximately 20 minutes long and start every half hour.

Between shows, the lights are illuminated with some slow color changing effects.

There are nine controllers in the display area that are all hooked directly to the show computer, which is located inside Boedy Appliance.

There is almost one mile of extension cords used to plug everything into the controllers. The large tree, the eight small trees, the two arches and some other props are all homemade items, added Schmidt.

"Displaying this light show in the downtown area, in my opinion, adds to the whole affect and enhances our community Christmas experience," said Schmidt.

The Schmidts acknowledged the help they have received from various businesses and individuals, including Boedy Appliance, Perham City Council, Meerle Meece with the city, Dan Schroeder at the Chamber, Justin Helmeke at JH Signs, David Howey at Lakes 99.5 radio, Chuck Johnson, and the U.S. Post office. Bremer Bank is the corporate sponsor of the light show.

If anyone has questions/comments, or would like to get involved with either the set-up and or tear down of this display, they may call 218-346-5269 or e-mail