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Menahga councilman wants attorney consultation

MENAHGA -- Menahga councilman Dennis Komulainen has a private issue he said he would like to discuss with the city's attorney.

But the council passed a motion in February 2008 allowing the city administrator and the mayor as the only two direct contacts to the city's attorney.

At the council's December meeting held earlier this week, Komulainen said he doesn't want to discuss the issue with any member of the council including the mayor.

"Bring it to me and I'll take it to the attorney," Mayor Tom Larson suggested. "You don't want to go through Teri (city administrator), you don't want to go through me?"

"I don't want to go through either one of you," Komulainen said. Councilwoman Maxine Norman suggested making an exception to the rule just this once.

"Can we be grown up and just say that this one time, let Dennis go talk to him?" she said. "Isn't that what you do with policies all the time, you can always have an exception?"

City administrator Teri Osterman and Larson said if Komulainen would like to meet privately with the city's attorney then he'd have to pay the fees out of his pocket. The city cannot then get charged for his time with the attorney.

Komulainen said he's not willing to pay the attorney's expenses.

Larson asked Komulainen multiple times if it's OK with him to discuss the matter privately with him, just the two of them.

"It's something you don't even want to share with me Dennis?" Larson said.

"I don't think that I want to share with you," Komulainen responded.

"Can we at least talk about it first and if you're still not comfortable, come January, we'll discuss it again?" Larson asked.

"Na, we're not going to talk about it," Komulainen answered.