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Regional deer hunters forum features DNR big game official

The Perham Sportsman's Club will host a Deer Management Forum on January 11, 7 p.m. in the Perham High School auditorium.

The forum is in response to a number of requests for alternative deer management options in the Perham area, especially management unit 241.

Sportsman's Club president Craig Swanson said, "the club is excited to host this forum. Our club has a mission statement of, Being All Things to All Sportsmen. This forum definitely falls in line with our mission and our desire to get the public involved with the outdoors."

Presentations will be made by Perham area resident, Wayne Enger and Lou Cornicelli, Big Game Program Coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

As state president with the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association for nearly five years, Enger gained valuable insight into deer management issues across Minnesota and described himself as a Deer Management Philosopher.

"After hearing so many opinions concerning deer management, especially in management area 241, it's simply time to have the discussion. My intent will be to explain the many deer management options that have been offered and what the social impact might be for each. It's a matter of describing alternatives and letting people decide what is right for them. When enough people share the same opinion, change can occur."

Cornicelli comes with a significant background involving big game management in Minnesota and has been instrumental in adopting changes in deer hunting seasons through implementing public opinion. Cornicelli said, "I am anxious to hear comments from hunters and other stake holders concerning deer management preferences in the 241 management area".

Representatives for the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association and Quality Deer Management have also been invited to provide a short explanation of their role in helping the public with deer management issues.

The public is invited at no charge.