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Nearly $14 million in Perham improvements targeted in 5-year plan

From sewage treatment to airport runway improvements, the city of Perham is reviewing a 5-year plan that includes a dozen projects-with total costs estimated at $13.7 million.

The capital improvement plan was reviewed by the Perham City Council Jan. 11, with Jade Berube, city engineer with Ulteig Engineers.

Topping the list is a two-phase expansion of the city's wastewater treatment facility, at projected cost of about $5.6 million.

Other big-ticket items on the list include extensive street and utility improvements on First Ave. South, planned first on the list for 2010-at an anticipated cost of $1 million. This project will include street-sidewalk, and sewer, watermain and stormwater drainage improvements.

With the street and underlying utilities more than 50 years old, tree roots have grown into the sewer system; and brick-constructed manholes are deteriorating. The project is scheduled for this year, with the city picking up $679,000 of the tab and property owners being assessed for $418,000.

The First Ave. South project would extend from Second Street to Fox Street.

Sewer project includes new $3.4 million pond

The first phase of the $5.64 million wastewater treatment system improvement project will include upgrades of the existing facility and equipment in 2011-12, at a cost of more than $2.1 million.

In 2012, a new aeration pond is on the drawing board-with projected cost of $3.4 million.

Fifth Avenue Southeast

Scheduled for 2011 are removal and replacement of Fifth Ave., plus curb and gutter, sidewalk, watermain, and storm sewer. Total project cost: $731,000; with $148,500 assessed to property owners.

Second Avenue Southwest

This extensive improvement is projected to cost $1.53 million. Because of the expense of the project, city engineers recommended that funding be sought from the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority. Without potential grants, the project would be funded by the city, at about $996,000; with $540,000 being assessed to the property owners. The project is slated for year 2012

Third Avenue Southwest

With most of the utilities dating back at least a half-century, this project is estimated at $1.09 million, and is scheduled for 2013. Property owners would be assessed $412,000 of the cost, based on preliminary estimates, with the city picking up $683,000.

Third Street Southwest (Hospital) Street

This project includes the full range of street-sidewalk, sewer, stormwater and watermain. Estimated cost is $520,000, with the assessed portion at $130,000.

Downtown parking lot street and utilities

The improvements would consist of the reconstruction of the drainage and surfaces in the downtown area north of Main Street, from First to Third Street west. Concrete gutters would be installed to drain storm water-which has been a problem in that area. The improvement area would primarily be behind the downtown area, on the parking lots used for parking and delivery of goods. The project is estimated at $215,000, with the city paying $110,000 of the share, and $105,000 assessed to property owners.

The engineers recommended that the project be bid as part of a larger project, because if it were a stand-alone project, costs could exceed estimates.

Northeast Industrial Park Utility and Street Improvements

The industrial park dates to 1998, and now includes Industrial Finishing Services, Kit Masters and many other industrial firms. There are 16 lots remaining of the original 63. Some of the available lots are less desirable because of lack of paved street and water-sewer. The improvement would make the lots more marketable.

The estimate for the project is $1.8 million, with lots being assessed $614,000, and the city paying $1.2 million.

The project has not been given a year of completion, and is only listed as a future possibility.

Fifth Street Northwest

Listed as a "future" project, this would include sewer and water at $246,000.

The homes currently along Fifth Avenue Northwest have sewer and water service through neighboring properties.

The project would provide deeper installation of city sewer and water along roadway to relieve the pressure of freezing in the winters.

Fourth Street and Fifth Avenue Northwest

This $257,000 project would reconstruct gravel roads that have not been upgraded-located west of the Tuffy's recent warehouse expansion and Barrel O' Fun.

Looking ahead to 2015-2019

Among the projects on the horizon in Perham are an industrial park addition, numerous street and utility improvements, and airport enhancements that could include taxiway construction.

City airport runway reconstruction may tap $350,000 in state funds

Perham's airport will benefit from $350,000 in state funding, based on an improvement plan approved by the Perham City Council.

The runway reconstruction project will be a complete upgrade of the existing, 16-year-old runway. It is scheduled for year 2011.

Total costs are projected at $550,000, with the city's share of the cost at $200,000.

A $350,000 grant will be requested from the Minnesota Department of Transportation aeronautics division.