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Mills Liquors shows year-end profit

Mills Liquor Store reported an overall profit for 2009 of $63,000.

The year ended on a good note for the municipal liquor store. Kim Hoban, Liquor Store Manager, reported to the city council New Year's Eve was busy with on and off sale sales of $7,058.

NYM City Council approves cultural center funding

The New York Mills Regional Cultural Center made its formal request to the city council for payment for the third and fourth quarters of 2009 under the current agreement with the city.

The city council approved payments of $1,250 for each of the third and fourth quarters.

The cultural center also asked the city to consider a request for continued support from the city in 2010 in the amount of $5,000, as in 2009.

Included in the letter to the council, Jamie Robertson, Executive Director, also proposed that the cultural center work with the city, the library, 4-H, and Mills Impact Team to develop a proposal for funding to the city that could be channeled to the center for enhanced public performance events such as the puppet pageant and for enhancement of the Sculpture Park.

This proposal would require the creation of an arts committee, according to Robertson. The council expressed its support of the center's pursuit of grant funding, as well as the formation of an arts committee.