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Happel named NY Mills city attorney for 2010

The city attorney for New York Mills remains the same in 2010 as it has the last 33 years.

The city council re-appointed at last week's meeting Dennis Happel as the city attorney. The council considered requests by Happel Law Office as well as the firm of Peloquin & Minge, P.A.

Happel serves as city attorney at a rate of $85 per meeting and $130 per hour. Peloquin applied for the appointment at $85 per meeting and $150 per hour. Peloquin did state in his letter of application to the city the $150 rate was negotiable.

Happel has served as New York Mills and Perham City Attorney for 33 years. In his letter to the council, Happel stated, "Serving both cities often proves a benefit to the City of New York Mills because I am able to save both cities money by dividing some expenses, particularly mileage and travel time to court which is now held in Fergus Falls all the time."

Happel went on to state the cities have similar issues and many times an issue is already addressed at the other city.

In addition to handling legal affairs of NY Mills and Perham, Happel works closely with Someplace Safe in Otter Tail County, in preventing and prosecuting incidents of domestic abuse.

Happel also stresses his involvement in the community of NY Mills, through investing in the Mills Clinic, part owner of Mills Manor apartment complex and the mobile home park.

"For years, I have been a member and financial supporter, both individually and through some of my partnerships, of the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center," he stated in his letter.

Happel also pointed out Alice Martin, his one full-time employee of almost 30 years, is an active resident of New York Mills.