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Road issue tops Edna Twsp. agenda

March 9 is township election day, and most area town halls will host small, low-key neighborhood gatherings-except perhaps Edna Township.

Two of the three voting members of Edna Township board have resigned-in part over a road project gone awry.

Resigning at the end of January was Keith Brokke, who had another year remaining of his term. Don Honer, meanwhile, decided not to run again.

James Nigg was appointed to fill Brokke's seat until the election. He will be on the ballot March 9. Filing for the other open seat is William Norris. That makes two candidates for two seats-but there is also rumor of a write-in campaign, which will add some intrigue to the Edna Town Board election.

The only incumbent remaining is Louie Sazama, the chairman, who has served nearly 30 years.

The issue that has assaulted the town board, and packed meetings at the Dent Senior Center (which serves as Edna's town hall), is a mile stretch of Little McDonald Drive.

So far, the township has spent about $70,000 for the mile stretch-and the project isn't completed yet.

The county halted work on the project last fall, because of lack of permits; unauthorized removal of trees; the severing of an electrical line; and a blurry road work contract between the township and Sazama's family member, Jim Sazama. It is unclear whether the contract was officially approved and recorded in the township records.

The Edna Town Board's annual meeting is scheduled to start at 8:15 p.m., right after the election polls close.

On the agenda will be a report and a proposal from Dave Heyer, of Heyer Land Surveying, according to Edna Township clerk, Carol Nelson.

The township hired Heyer to survey the stretch of Little McDonald Drive to determine township right-of-way. He also prepared a platt of the road.

Heyer is expected to present a plan to complete the improvements of Little McDonald Drive.

Other matters on the Edna annual meeting agenda include website discussion, budget and donation requests.