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Perham city plan for 60-lot RV, camping park tabled to 2011

A preliminary draft of the proposed Perham city-operated RV park and campground calls for 60 lots. At the center of the campsite is a proposed bathroom and storage structure.

The vision of a campground in Perham's Arvig Park has been put to paper-but it will be another year before it becomes a reality.

An RV and camping facility, to provide another Perham lodging option for tourists and visitors, has been a priority for several city officials-including Dave Niesen, Perham Parks and Recreation board member. The intent of the project was not to compete with area resorts and other lodging facilities, but to offer an option to RV travelers that was not entirely being met in the private sector.

Earlier this winter, the project was in the fast lane, and drawings were created by BHH Partners Planners and Architects. There was optimism that a short-stay campground could be available by this summer.

With the city of Perham facing budget cuts of potentially more than $100,000 for this year, and as much as $172,000 again in 2011, hopes have dimmed for this year, said Niesen.

There are potential DNR grants available for camp and recreational facilities, but it is doubtful they would be approved and allocated this year.

As a result, the city has set its sights on 2011 rather than 2010.

The initial proposal calls for a 60-site campground, built in an oval shape, at Arvig Park-near the Pioneer Village grounds.

At the center of the facility is a 25 by 56-foot building with toilets and storage.

Construction and development costs are very preliminary at this stage, but City Manager Kelcey Klemm estimated about $200,000.