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Lehmkuhl named to Perham council

A new member has been added to the Perham City Council.

Named to fill the vacant seat at the April 12 council session was Fred Lehmkuhl. He is expected to be officially sworn in at the April 28 council committee meeting.

Two candidates submitted letters of interest in the vacant seat on the Perham council.

Kevin Hennagir and Lehmkuhl submitted letters to the city.

Following the resignation of former Mayor Kevin Keil earlier this year, Deputy Mayor Tim Meehl was appointed to the mayor's seat-leaving his council seat vacant.

Both the mayoral and council seat will be on the ballot for the election this November.

A lifelong resident of Perham, Fred Lehmkuhl has been in the equipment sales business all his life. He has a long background in emergency services, serving on the Perham Fire Department for 25 years. He still serves with the Perham Area Emergency Medical Service. He is past director and current chairman of the city's Emergency Management Committee.

Lehmkuhl said emergency services and public works are primary interests, though he also has an interest in economic development.

"I think that the city should be looking at conditional land purchases for industrial development," wrote Lehmkul in his letter. "Also promoting the downtown strength in order to keep our community vitalized. Perham has a great success in building business off of existing businesses in a trickle down effect and we need to help that continue to grow."

Hennagir wrote in his letter that his priority issues were environment, crime, housing, health, and new and existing business development.

Mayor Tim Meehl encouraged Hennagir to maintain an interest in city government-and consider filing for a seat for the upcoming November 2110 election.