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NDSU landscape students enlisted to help design Perham disc golf course

Plans for a "disc golf course" and a new feature for distance runners are taking shape for Arvig Park in Perham.

The Perham Parks and Recreation Board is benefiting from the North Dakota State University Landscape Architecture Department. Seven students were scheduled to visit Perham and inspect the southern border of Arvig Park to plan for a layout.

Perham's connection to NDSU is Kelli Wegscheid, an architecture graduate who works for Hammers Construction. An avid disc (Frisbee) golfer herself, she has volunteered to assist the park board with the course. Also assisting with the project is Jason Braaten.

The cost of the project is estimated at approximately $500 per disc hole-or $9,000 for the 18-hole course. The park board has set aside $3,000 for the project, with the remainder of the money coming from hole sponsorships, explained Dave Neisen in a memo to the Perham City Council. Neisen is chairman of the park board.

Plans are also underway to have the discs, which will include the Perham water tower logo, available for sale at local businesses.

Perham city park to be altered for long distance runners

The topography of Perham's Arvig Park will undergo manmade changes, under a plan proposed by the Perham High School Cross Country Booster Club.

Jeff Morris, coach of the very successful long distance running program at the Perham schools, has requested that dirt mounds be created along the park's relatively flat cross country running course.

The mounds, which would be landscaped and seeded to conform to the natural environment of the park, would provide more challenge for the runners.

The cost of the project would be paid completely by the Cross Country Booster Club-with little or no expense to the city.