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Operating a boat permissible, even with driver's license suspended

Question: I have a relative who is 25 years old that will be staying with me at the lake this summer. He has two DWI's on his record and currently his driver's license is suspended. Can he legally operate the boat on the water?

Answer: Normally, I would refer you to your local Conservation Officer for this information. But you really got my curiosity up with this one, so I contacted one and got the scuttlebutt "straight from the horse's mouth," as they say.

While your relative may not drive a car on the road, yes, he can operate a boat on the water. That is assuming that none of the DWI's involved the operation of a boat while impaired. When someone is convicted of boating while impaired, he/she can lose boat operating privileges for a time period. For the details on that matter, I will refer you to your local Conservation Officer.

I have had a lot of questions lately regarding driving or operating different types of vehicles while impaired. I wonder what's up. As always, be careful out there!

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