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New York Mills Regional Cultural Center sponsors Kite Festival at NY Mills and Perham schools

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Five hundred high school art students and kindergarteners from New York Mills and Perham schools designed, built and flew their own kites this April and May as part of a New York Mills Regional Cultural Center-sponsored annual Kite Festival. The Perham part of the festival was made possible by a grant from the Viking Library System Cultural Heritage funds. The members of the Cultural Center funded the New York Mills portion.

Tammy Olson, high school art teacher at New York Mills and Laura Moe, art instructor at Perham high school, made the project go forward at each of the two schools. Mrs. Olson exclaimed, on seeing what a happy time the high school students were having, "They seem just like kids again."

High School students at both schools learned how to make their own kites and helped the kindergarten kids make and fly their own. Many of the kite-artists had never flown a kite before.

The Cultural Center hopes to continue this project in the years ahead as a part of its support of art and culture for the region. Please visit for more information about the Cultural Center.