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Anita Mycke resigns from Perham City Council

Perham City Councilmember Anita Mycke recently announced her resignation from the council, effective June 30.

On Monday, June 14, the Perham City Council accepted the resignation of Councilmember Anita Mycke.

Mycke accepted a job at Whispering Pine Resort on Big Pine Lake, and will no longer live inside the Perham city limits. "I am grateful for having had the opportunity to serve on the Perham City Council for the past five and a half years. I offer my best wishes to you, the rest of the city staff as well as the Mayor and the rest of the council members," said Mycke.

Mycke has been on the Perham City Council for the past five and a half years. During those years, she felt the most notable accomplishments were getting the liquor store and the senior center built. However, she says they weren't her most notable accomplishments, but the council's, saying, "All of it was a huge team effort."

Because of her experiences on the council, Mycke says Perham is "a great city, with a lot going for it, such as great employers, and great schools. Affordable housing is an ongoing issue that is constantly being improved, and it is a great place to raise a family."

Her resignation from the council is effective June 30. After learning of Mycke's resignation, the council passed a motion naming Councilmember Jim Johnson as the city's new deputy mayor, effective June 14.

Chairman Tim ... was disappointed, and told Mycke, "We hate to see you go," but congratulated her on her new endeavor, wishing her luck in the future. Jim Johnson agreed, and gave Mycke his best wishes.

The Perham City Council then had the dilemma of having an open position. They could either fill the position, or leave it open until November. If they decided to fill the vacancy created by Mycke's resignation, the council would need to review all applications received, and appoint a new councilmember in July. The council likely wouldn't be able to have a new voting member until August. This would give the new member only five months to serve as an active member on the board.

After discussing the options for filling the vacancy, the council decided to wait to fill the open seat until this November's election day. "If the timeline isn't a problem, I would prefer that the voters select the representative," said Jim Johnson. This means that there will only be five members on the Perham City Council until November, when the voters choose a new council member.