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Perham mayor soon to be bald

At the beginning of the summer Mayor Tim Meehl said he would shave his head if the Perham Turtle Races had 500 visitors.

On July 7, the count was at 516, which means the mayor will be getting a haircut. On July 21, at 9:45 a.m., right before the turtle races, he will be shaved in the turtle races park by State Representative Mark Murdock, City Manager Kelcey Klemm, CEO of PMHH Chuck Hofius, and turtle races coordinator Sherry Bormann.

It isn't the first time Mayor Meehl has been bald before. But this time he did it "to help bring people into Perham, and to visit a little longer in Perham," explains Meehl.

Meehl is open to other suggestions. When asked if he could possibly dye his hair pink, "I suppose I could do that next year," he replied, laughing.

Mayor Meehl also has said that if 600 visitors showed up to the Turtle Races, he would keep himself bald until January 1, 2011.