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More emergency aid available for area farmers

The June 17 tornado caused extensive damage along eastern part of Otter Tail County. The East Otter Tail County FSA Committee has requested and been approved to implement the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) at the East Otter Tail FSA Office.

Farmers suffering severe damage may be eligible for assistance under this program if the damage: Will be so costly (at least $1000) to rehabilitate that Federal assistance will be needed to return the land to productive agriculture, affects the productivity of the farm or has impaired or endangered the land.

A producer qualifying for ECP assistance may receive cost-share levels not to exceed 75 percent of the eligible cost of restoration measures. No producer is eligible for more than $200,000 cost share based upon this individual weather event.

The following types of measures have been approved: Removing Debris from Farmland, restoring permanent fences and field windbreaks and farmstead shelterbelts emergency measures (EC8)

Farmers who have suffered a loss due to the June 17 tornado event may sign up and request ECP assistance during the signup period from July 19 to September 3, 2010 at the East Otter Tail FSA Office in Perham, MN.

Restorative practices must not have been started: Prior to making an application a site visit by an agency representative needs determination by the Natural Resource Conservation Service

The County Committee understands that a quick restoration response was necessary due to the timing and circumstances of this disaster event. Even if much of the restoration has already been completed, the county committee encourages affected farmers to apply.