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Frazee police chief resigns amid scandal

Frazee Police Chief Mike Lorsung has resigned following a city investigation into alleged harassment of an Eagle Lake woman.

He had been placed on paid administrative leave while the city investigated accusations that he had stalked the woman.

With his resignation, the city considers the matter closed and will not pursue disciplinary action.

Because Lorsung resigned -- rather than being fired or staying on the job -- the investigation conducted by city attorney Charlie Ramstad does not become public under state law.

Lorsung, 40, was the subject of a restraining order requested by Mandi Leigh Green, who said that he is an ex-boyfriend who stalked, harassed and threatened her after she ended the relationship.

Green filed the harassment petition in Becker County District Court on Aug. 23.

After a hearing attended by both parties, District Judge Joe Evans granted the two-year restraining order on Aug. 31.

Lorsung was placed on paid administrative leave Aug. 24 pending investigation of the complaint, according to Frazee City Administrator-Clerk-Treasurer Jonathan R. Smith.

The city announced Lorsung's resignation Thursday.

Lorsung joined the Frazee Police Department on Oct. 9, 2006. He is a Detroit Lakes High School graduate and worked in law enforcement in Colorado prior to accepting the job in Frazee.

The Frazee City Council will address the resignation at its Oct. 18 meeting.