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Perham Board of Education approves lot sale

A motion was approved to sell a parcel of land adjacent to Perham's Public High School. The lot is 150 by 90' deep.

The schools are using the property to change hands to the Housing Redevelopment Authority, so that they may become sole owners of the lot. HRA will market and sell the proposed house. This also allows the home to become insured.

A 2400 square foot house will be built on the property. It will be a two-level home, and vinyl siding has been upgraded to "smart siding." The project is drawn by BHH Architects of Perham.

There are currently 5-6 versions of the home, and the school owns five lots that they hope to run a similar plan with. This will avoid the creation of houses that all look the same.

There are currently five lots, with three adjacent to Heart of the Lakes Elementary, and two across the street. The project will also help bring in new families to the community and the creation of jobs for students.

"Youth Build", a program designed for students in the Perham Area Learning Center, have the opportunity to earn high school credit for working on the house. The location offers close supervision of the children working on the program.

Rural Minnesota Comprehensive Employment Program (CEP) will pay wages to students working on the home.

The estimated time of construction is 18 months, and has been extended out to provide more time for students who are working 16 hours a week on the project.