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Complain against State Auditor Rebecca Otto dismissed

October 7, 2010 - Today a State of Minnesota Administrative Law Judge dismissed Pat Anderson's complaint against State Auditor Rebecca Otto. The Judge determined that there was no probable cause to believe that Otto had violated any law.

In her campaign literature and on the campaign trail, Otto points out that her administration is "more productive" than Anderson's, and that she has conducted more investigations than Anderson did.

The Judge determined that Otto's statements were not false, and that Otto has the legal right to compare her record to Anderson's. At the hearing before the Judge, the Otto campaign submitted evidence that, under Otto, the State Auditor's Legal/Special Investigations Division had opened about four times more files than had Anderson during her entire time as State Auditor.

In response to the dismissal, State Auditor Rebecca Otto said: "As State Auditor, I have increased dramatically the productivity of the Office. We are taking better care of taxpayer money and are more accountable to the people. Pat Anderson may hate to hear it, but it's the truth and I will continue to campaign based on the truth."

Otto defeated Anderson in the 2006 campaign and is seeking re-election.