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NY Mills students participate in annual fire prevention poster contest

New York Mills elementary students recently participated in the Minnesota State Fire Chief Association (MSFCA) fire prevention poster contest. The NY Mills Fire Department sponsored the event.

"Smoke Alarms: A Sound You Can Live With" was the theme of this year's contest.

Fire Prevention week is observed every year from Sunday through Saturday the week in which Oct. 9 falls.

The students were broken up in three categories: first grade, second and third, and fourth through fifth. Elementary staff members cast their votes throughout the month of October.

All of the students' posters were displayed throughout the school during the contest period. Dean of Students Travis Hensch announced the winners on Nov. 8.

First place winners Aliya Gerber, first grade; Daisy Wurst, second grade; Caden Roberts, third; Edan Cassidy, fourth; and Rhiana Roberts of the fifth grade are eligible to move to the state level.

According to the MSFCA's website, first place winners will receive $75 and a plaque for their school. Second, third and honorable mentions also receive an award for their recognition of fire safety.

One of the state winners' posters will be featured in the cover of the March/April 2011 issue of the Minnesota Fire Chief's publication.