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Most read stories of 2010 on

The most read stories of 2010 on ranged from everything to high school sports to the weather to crime. With the end of the year just hours away, here are the top ten news headlines on for 2010:

1. Parents air issues with school board over Perham's basketball program

2. Cause sought for collapse of trusses at building site for new Lutheran church

3. NY Mills man sentenced for criminal sexual conduct with minor

4. Tornado rips through Bluffton area

5. Perham-Dent third attempt at school levy fails; NY Mills levy passes

6. 59-year-old Perham man found dead in lake

7. Storms soak EOT, drop trees, cause damage

8. Fires rage on Hwy. 10 in Perham, New York Mills area

9. Hamburger Hollow closes doors after 45 years

10. Three separate hunting accidents reporter in Otter Tail County