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NY Mills City Council acknowledges anonymous donation, other business from meeting

At last week's NY Mills City Council meeting, the council approved a resolution acknowledging an anonymous cash donation to city customer utility accounts.

According to city clerk Darla Berry, this is the third year that the donor has anonymously given money to the city to be used towards customers who are unable to pay their utility bills. This year, the donor gave a total of $1,200 during 2010.

The text of the resolution reads that the NY Mills City Council "expresses its thanks and appreciation for the generous donation made by the anonymous donor."

In other business, Kim Hoban, manager of Mills Liquor, reported to the council that the liquor store made $41,973 in 2010.

"We're still holding on in a bad economic time," she wrote in a letter to the council. "I will be doing my best to continue to look for ways to generate business as well as carrying products that will return the most profit."

Hogan said that she would be attending a "bootcamp" for liquor store managers in February, and hopes to gain ideas from the experience on how to generate more profit. Hogan will report back to the council at the end of February.

The city council also set appointments for 2011, with the only change being new city council member Marsha Maki was added to the Liquor Store Committee and Personnel Committee.

Mayor Larry Hodgson also asked the council to consider increasing the dues for the city's weed inspector, zoning administrator and health officers.

After a brief discussion, the council voted to increase the dues for Weed Inspector Roger Salo and Zoning Administrator Dave Delaney from $10 per year to $50 per year, and increased the dues for the health officers Dr. (Uselman) Lien, Dr. Grieger and Chief Van Shaick to $25 per year.

Public Works Director Roger Salo reported to the council that the railroad crossing on South Main Street is now open.

"It opened just before New Years," Salo said.

The crossing had been closed due to road construction.

Salo said that all Christmas lights have been removed from city poles, so "the town is no longer lit up with Christmas colors," he wrote in his report.

Salo also wrote that the public works department is starting to look for a new pickup. The department's current truck has over 250,000 miles on it.

Fire Chief Reed Jacobson wrote to the council and reported that three candidates - Aaron Evenson, Logyn Saewert and Maureen Kruchten - successfully completed physical skills testing and the oral interviews and will be having physician's exams to become firefighters in the department.

The council accepted the resignation of volunteer firefighter Sedrick Borsgard.