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LATEST: Gabbard on ventilator, still critical following heart surgery

Zach Gabbard, the Perham boys basketball player who collapsed during a game Thursday, is out of heart surgery tonight and on a ventilator, according to an 8:10 p.m. post on the journal portion of his CaringBridge website.

Gabbard remains in critical condition, according to the site used to inform people of a patient's condition.

He also remains on a catheter to monitor the pressure in his brain, the update said. The heart surgery placed a device that allows his heart to rest for a couple days.

Common situations like this require doctors to install a Left Ventricular Assist Device, also known as an LVAD. The LVAD is a device that helps pump blood to the heart.

The family wrote the following on the site tonight:

"We, the family, appreciate all the support and prayers that we have been receiving and would like to thank all the Perham coaches, players, and parents that have stayed with us through all of this. Along with all the coaches and players throughout the state. We truly appreciate it. Unfortunately Zach is not out of the woods yet, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers."

As of 9 p.m. tonight, almost 11,000 people have visited Gabbard's Caringbridge site.

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