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Motorists warned about black ice on roadways due to conditions in Fargo-Moorhead

Motorists in the Fargo-Moorhead area are being warned about the possibility of encountering "black ice" on roadways and bridge decks this morning.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation warns the below zero temperatures factor into black ice, which is often created by moisture tracked onto roadways by vehicles and vehicles' exhaust systems.

"Maintenance crews are limited to applying abrasive materials to provide temporary traction. Motorists are urged to slow down and use caution during these cold temperatures," said Troy Gilbertson, North Dakota Department of Transportation Fargo District, in a news release issued at 8:14 this morning.

Motorists are advised to turn off cruise control when traveling where there may be icy conditions.

Black ice forms when temperatures drop rapidly and any moisture on the road freezes into a smooth, nearly invisible, slippery surface. This thin layer of ice is very hard for motorists to detect, so drivers need to be vigilant in looking for changes in a road's surface that may affect traction, the NDDOT reports.

Travelers are urged to stay informed about road conditions by dialing '511' or visit the website for updated information available.