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Letterman lampoons the Park Rapids Enterprise incidents

They say there's no such thing as bad press.

So the Park Rapids Enterprise is reluctantly embracing its national lampooning Feb. 2 at the hands of late night comic David Letterman.

The Enterprise's infamous incidents, or rather, the way they were published, tickled the funnyman's funny bones.

The item was about a caller reporting a man and his dog in a ditch after a car went off the road.

The paper dutifully printed the incident as submitted by the Hubbard County Sheriff's Department. It is the paper's policy to leave the incidents as intact as possible to preserve their original flavor.

"Small silver car in Straight River Township is in ditch, male driver and dog walking down the road and appear intoxicated," read the December incidents entry.

Letterman then implored his audience to "please don't let your dog drive drunk."

The Enterprise staff frequently convulses over the incidents as they're prepared for press and yes, questions just as frequently arise as to whether they should be re-worded.

But leaving them in their unvarnished state often gives readers a laugh - and in this case the nation shared in that laugh even if it was at the paper's expense. This Dec. 24 "Accidents" entry was devoid of quotation marks that were sprinkled throughout the rest of the column to let readers know the words came intact from the source.

Incidents are not posted online so readers will subscribe to the newspaper to read these juicy tidbits. Indeed, many snowbirds tell the Enterprise they keep their subscriptions up all winter just to read the incidents.

The Enterprise received notice of its notoriety by the Park Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.

Here's a link to the clip, which is 30 minutes in.