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Perham finance officer takes job in North Carolina

Perham Finance Officer Karla McCall will be starting a new job in Tarboro, N.C. on May 2.

Perham Finance Officer Karla McCall will soon be trading Minnesota nice for Southern hospitality.

McCall recently accepted a job as finance director of Tarboro, N.C., and will be starting the new position on May 2.

Tarboro has a population of about 11,000.

McCall said she was interested in moving to the East Coast because she and her husband currently have no anchor to keep them in one place.

"All our kids are grown up, and my husband and I have grown tired of the cold weather," she said.

McCall has a 24-year-old son in the Marine Corps stationed in Jacksonville, N.C., not far from Tarboro.

McCall was born and raised in California, spent five years in Montana, has spent the last 15 years in Minnesota and is excited about experiencing the East Coast, as well.

McCall, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and finance from Fresno State University, has held government jobs everywhere she's gone.

In Tarboro, McCall said her job would be similar to her work in Perham.

Even though she and her husband won't be moving to North Carolina for a few weeks, she said they've already started experiencing southern hospitality.

She and her husband are in the process of purchasing a home, she said, and the bank and the city have both been very helpful in making that happen.

The Tarboro newspaper - The Daily Southerner - already called to interview her for an article.

"So far they've all been very helpful and welcoming," she said, "and we haven't even moved there yet."

According to McCall, there are many things about the East Coast she's excited about.

"For one, there's the warmth," she said, looking outside at the snow on the ground outside her office.

More than that, McCall said she is excited about meeting new people, experiencing a new culture and seeing how things get done in North Carolina.

"It's kind of enjoyable to live in one country and experience different ways of doing things in different communities," she said. "Every state does things differently."

She's also excited to be close to both the beach and the mountains, in addition to being near so much history.

"Tarboro was founded in 1760," she said. "So there's lots of history over there that we don't have in Minnesota. I'm excited to explore that."

Moving away from Perham, though, means there are things she'll miss.

"I'll miss the progressiveness of Perham. As a small community, it doesn't act very small," she said. "A lot of things have happened in the 15 years I've been here, and I can see a lot happening in the next 15 years."

McCall has enjoyed working with the city of Perham and will miss the relationships she's made over the last 15 years.

"I really wish the city all the best as it moves forward," she said.

McCall's last day will be Friday, April 1.