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NY Mills school holds health fair

Students had the opportunity to visit several different booths during the health fair on May 6.1 / 2
Sam Benshoof/FOCUS NY Mills sophomore Lexie Rankka struggles to maintain her balance as she attempts to walk a straight line while wearing beer goggles at the May 6 health fair in the NY Mills School.2 / 2

New York Mills 10th and 12th graders had the opportunity to learn about various aspects of their health at a health fair held in the NY Mills School on May 6.

Present at the fair were booths from Sanford Health, the New York Mills Police Department, Someplace Safe, Family Spine Clinic and more. Students could register to win prizes throughout the fair.

NY Mills Police Chief James Van Schaick had beer goggles on hand to test students' ability to balance, walk in a straight line and count their steps. Van Schaick said that, in the real world, anyone making three mistakes or more would likely be arrested for being under the influence.

After failing the test of walking a straight line with the goggles on, NY Mills sophomore Lexie Rankka was mock-arrested by Van Schaick.

"It was really hard," Rankka said of the beer goggles test, laughing.