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NY Mills City Council approves grant to local business

Sugar Creek Woodworking and A Simple Pine Box requested help from the Small Cities Development Program (SCDP) grant money at the New York Mills City Council meeting held on May 10.

Patrick and Karen Kilby presented to the council an overview of their business, which they plan on moving to the old canvas building at 19 Tousley Street in NY Mills. Before they move in, the building needs electrical and general upgrades. Currently their business is out of city limits.

The council approved a grant totaling $7,000 for Sugar Creek Woodworking and A Simple Pine Box. The grant is divided in 75/25 rates, meaning the grant portion will be $5,250 to the owner's portion of $1,750. The SCDP grant has helped various businesses in town, including the library and the liquor store.

NY Mills Utilities Manager Roger Salo also presented an update on various road and sewer maintenance projects. The South Main project is progressing well, he told the council. Three unexpected sewer problems, located near Lund Boats, the Community Action Council and a Nowell Street residence, were fixed at a cost of $10,500. Although the Community Action Council will be paying some of the cost, most of it falls on the city.

Since construction began on South Main, a temporary four way stop was set up at the intersection of Walker Avenue and Centennial 84 Drive. The council, the chief of police and various residents would like this to be a permanent four-way stop. The council has asked Otter Tail County to grant this request.

The airport closure was finalized, and steps have begun in finding values for the land, the 18-foot windsock tower, the 30-foot beacon tower with platform, 47 runway cones and 27 runway lights and globes. How to sell these assets will be decided in future city council meetings.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on June 14 at 4:30 p.m. at city hall.