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Perham Fire Department responds to house fire behind Tuffy's

A Perham firefighter douses a part of the roof of a house behind Tuffy's. The house was part of a controlled burn last night and became rekindled today, according to Perham Fire Chief Mark Schmidt. Sam Benshoof/FOCUS1 / 2
A Perham firefighter douses a house fire behind Tuffy's this afternoon. Sam Benshoof/FOCUS2 / 2

The Perham Fire Department responded to a house fire May 18 behind Tuffy's at the corner of 1st Ave N and 2nd St. NW.

According to Fire Chief Mark Schmidt, the house was burned the night of May 17 as part of a control burn. At some point the next day, Schmidt said, the fire started up again.

"It's possible the wind might've hit it just right and rekindled it," Schmidt said. "So we went from a training last night to a real deal today."

The Perham Fire Department was assisted by the Perham Police Department and the New York Mills Fire Department.