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Wadena issues boil water advisory for today

The city of Wadena has issued a precautionary boil water advisory due to Monday's filter plant problems.

At about 11 a.m. Monday, Electric and Water Supervisor Dave Evans said Wadena residents should boil water for at least a minute before drinking, and that the Department of Health is here to take samples to make sure no bacteria got in the system with the low pressure.

"We should get results back from that in about 24 hours. And when we get an all-clear notice from them we'll inform the public," Evans said. "We haven't found any bacteria - this is just a precaution."

Monday morning, Wadena residents and businesses had a rude awakening as water was not running propertly.

Evans said there were some mechanical and computer issues at the filter plant, and the filter plant quit filtering water.

"And by morning, just before anybody got to work, the water tower went very low, so we had low water pressure in town," Evans said.

On the Wadena, Minnesota Facebook page maintained by Mayor Wayne Wolden, a wall post said, "Please conserve water today, the pumps are going again and pressure is building but it can take some time."

Tri-County Health Care sent a news release saying they are fully functional. Wadena Medical Center and Tri-County Hospital both have utilized their emergency backup plans for water usage and will continue business as normal today. For questions about Tri-County, contact Lisa Reddick, Director of Administrative Services, at (218) 631-7472.