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Young actors interpret local historic figures

On Saturday, 12 students ranging from grade school to college entertained an audience at the In Their Own Words (ITOW) Veterans Museum with dramatic renditions of historic characters that the students researched themselves.

The young historians were part of a Ride Into History workshop that had been held at the ITOW Museum all week. The project was sponsored by the Friends of the History Museum and funded by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

The historic characters included Josiah Perham, interpreted by Jackie Hanson; Henry Kemper, entrepreneur and storyteller, interpreted by Jacob Swanson; Deputy Sheriff Steve Butler, interpreted by Alex Swanson; Mary Gibbs, first woman park commissioner in Itasca State Park, interpreted by Haley Jo Honeman; Louisa "Lizzie" Geitman Gratzek, first white girl born in Perham, interpreted by Maya Roe; WWI soldier and journal keeper Arthur Falk, interpreted by Keith Swanson; and many more.

Submitted photo

Cast members of the Ride Into History workshop prepare for Saturday's performance at the ITOW Museum in Perham.