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School board approves levy referendum

On Nov. 8, Perham-Dent School District residents will once again head to the polls to cast their vote on an operating levy referendum.

The school board approved a motion during its meeting Wednesday to set the levy at $973,000 for four years - an amount that equates to $695 per student.

Not everyone present at the meeting was pleased with the price of the levy. Bernie Steeves, who has spearheaded "no" efforts in past referendums, asked that the board consider a more reasonable amount.

The consensus of board members was that they had already come down drastically. Last year, the referendum, which included three questions, asked for a total of $985 per student. Board members also said that $695 was the bare minimum the district needed to maintain functions.

Steeves told board members that if it was lowered, it would have a better shot at passing.

This is the fourth year the board is taking on a levy referendum.

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