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New 'School of Champions' billboard in the works

Sam Benshoof/FOCUS New billboards are in the works to replace those made in 2008, such as this one located outside of the Perham High School.

Visitors to Perham on Highway 10 will soon have a good idea of the recent success of Perham athletes.

A new billboard, made by JH Signs in town, will be put up to replace the old billboard from 2008, according to Perham-Dent Activities and Athletics Director Fred Sailer.

The smaller 'School of Champions' signs near the school will also be replaced with the new design.

The new billboard will feature the three state championship teams from the 2010-11 school year: Gymnastics, boy's basketball and boys cross-country.

Sailer said the new billboard would display only the seniors from those teams, due to lack of space.

Sanford Health and KLN Enterprises in Perham helped to support the project financially.

According to Sailer, the billboard should be up on Highway 10 and in town just prior to the start of the school year the week after Labor Day.

Sailer said the billboard provides positive publicity for the town and for the success of the school.

"It's a real nice marketing piece for our school and kids," he said. "We're pretty excited about it."