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West Fargo student in critical condition after brain aneurysm

FARGO - A 17-year-old West Fargo High School senior was in critical condition at a Fargo hospital Wednesday after suffering a severe brain aneurysm Tuesday evening.

Eleni Wilson collapsed during nightly Drama Club practice at the school, where she and her classmates were preparing for upcoming performances of "Cinderella."

Principal Cory Steiner said Eleni passed out at about 6 p.m. Tuesday and was taken to Essentia Health.

Eleni's uncle, Greg Wilson, told The Forum the damage Eleni suffered from the brain hemorrhage "is quite extensive."

"Yesterday [Tuesday], she went to school like any other day: She was a healthy vibrant 17-year-old girl by all accounts," Wilson said. "It's something that's unpredictable, and it just happens. Unfortunately, it's happened to Eleni."

As late Wednesday, Eleni's prognosis "does not appear to be good," Wilson said.

He said the family was still waiting to hear the results of further testing, but "we hope to know a lot more here in these next coming hours."

Wilson described his niece as "a fabulous kid, a pleasure to be around."

"She loved school, she loved her studies," he said. "She has been so ambitious and looking forward to her future. It's a terrible thing."

Following Eleni's collapse, word spread quickly through the school and the West Fargo community. Several of Eleni's classmates posted words of support on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

"The outpouring of support from the school and the community has been incredible," Wilson said. "It goes to show how many people she did touch and how many people she was important to."

Steiner said the school brought in extra counselors to help students and faculty, as needed.

"It was a hard day at West Fargo High School," Steiner said.

"She is a remarkable young lady who has had a huge impact on our student body," he added. "We knew the impact she had was big, but we didn't know how big until this happened."