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Fergus Falls man attacked by deer

A Fergus Falls man is a little stiff and sore, but thankful to be alive after a buck charged and threw him to the ground during a hunt near his farm. Don Stock is lucky he can laugh about the deer that did not get away.

Don Stock remembers exactly what happened.

Don and the rest of the hunting party needed just one more deer in order to fill out and so they decided to drive this one chunk of land near the farm. That is when Don stumbled upon what he thought was a dead deer. That is until he saw something move.

Don Stock: "I thought is was dead, until he moved his ear."

But seconds after Don saw the deer ear move the hunting day changed dramtically.

Don Stock: "He charged me. I don't know why he chose me. I don't know I did not even know what happened, it happened so quick."

The deer's head and antler rammed, but did not gore Don in the stomach.

Don Stock: "He hit me so fast, I did not know what hit me. He knocked me on the ground and even up in the air."

The deer, which will be processed tonight, lost part if its rack and appears to have been shot shortly before it attacked Don. The hunters believe the deer was delirious.

Don Stock: "It was a big deer."

After charging Don, the deer took a few steps and collapsed. Now in the farmyard, it will be the subject of deer camp stories for generations to come. Including the deer that rammed Don, the entire party filled out. Don says he's had enough hunting for the fall.