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County Board denies Dunvilla alcohol permit

The Otter Tail County Board unanimously voted Tuesday against issuing an off-sale liquor permit to a private business in Pelican Rapids.

Commissioner Doug Huebsch said the board took into consideration that all cities within the county were against the permit, as city budgets heavily rely on funds from municipal liquor stores.

Perham Mayor Tim Meehl, Perham City Manager Kelcey Klemm and city council members voiced their opposition to the permit during an October public hearing. City representatives said the move would set a precedent in the county - one they didn't agree with.

Huebsch also indicated that, with permits for off-sale liquor licenses set at $800 under Minnesota statutes, the county board worried that a multitude of applications could lead to "health and safety issues associated with an influx of new liquor stores."

The business applying for the permit was Dunvilla, located in Pelican Rapids.