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Car cited as deadly weapon in assault charge

A Perham man is facing a charge for assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly using his car in an attempt to harm another person.

On Nov. 8, law enforcement received a call that Joshua Matthew Karsnia had crashed his vehicle into another woman's car with an apparent intent to cause harm to the female, according to court documents.

When questioned by law enforcement, the victim said she was in her car when she saw Karsnia coming toward the vehicle. She then sped up to avoid impact from Karsnia's vehicle.

Karsnia then continued to follow the woman, ramming her with the vehicle two to three times while traveling 40-50 miles per hour, according to the complaint.

The victim said she then slammed on her breaks, causing Karsnia to drive out of control and into a field. The woman then returned to her home - Karsnia allegedly followed, grabbed items from the woman's vehicle and took off into the woods.

Karsnia turned himself in to law enforcement that evening.

Court documents state that, when questioned by law enforcement, Karsnia admitted to chasing the victim, saying he only wanted to speak with her. He also admitted to taking off into the woods, largely because he was afraid of law enforcement.