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UPDATED: Pamida employees to keep jobs during switch to Shopko

Perham's Pamida is on the list of stores to be converted into a Shopko, according to store management.

The stores announced last Wednesday they would merge, converting Pamida stores to Shopkos - all with the new Shopko Hometown design.

Tara Powers, spokesperson for Shopko, said the remodeling of stores is slated to begin in August, though she could not comment specifically on the Perham location.

During construction, the store will stay open, completing one department at a time. The entire process is set to last roughly five to six weeks.

Powers said customers can expect many of the same product categories, with a little more flavor in some areas.

"There will be a larger breadth of selection in home goods apparel," she said.

The biggest change will come in the form of additional national brands. The layout and outdoor design will also be converted to a more contemporary design.

As for the pharmacy, Powers said it will continue on as normal.

It's not known at this point whether new employees will be hired for the store, as Pamida's employee base is staying in tact. However, Powers said the Shopko hometown format does typically require a few extra hands.

Together, Pamida and Shopko have nearly 350 locations in 22 states.