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College student with NY Mills roots announces candidacy for DFL endorsement in 12A

Matthew Fredericks, a native of Stillwater, Minn. and current student at the University of Minnesota, Morris, has announced his candidacy in District 12A in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Fredericks is seeking the DFL endorsement for the seat.

In his announcement, Fredericks said his family's roots have been in New York Mills for more than 100 years. Fredericks is studying English and political science.

"I am replanting my roots in the district because I feel that this is the type of community where I want to live, work and start a family in," said Fredericks.

Fredericks said there is a "drastic need" to restore civility in the House and Senate.

"The only way to regain control over our state is to vote for people who will remain civil and will not demonize the people on the other side of the aisle," said Fredericks. "Some of my greatest supporters are strict constitutional conservatives to life-long DFL members. Although I do not agree with what most of the Republicans have to say, the difference is I listen and I believe that listening to each other is what has been lost within the past few years at the Capitol."

Fredericks hopes to put west central Minnesota "back on the map as a center of innovation, top achieving schools, a sustainable rural economy, affordable and excellent healthcare [and] supporting family farmers."