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Column: A fun-filled weekend of supporting our schools

James Mulcahy

This past weekend two events were held in support of Perham-Dent public schools.

Friday night, the annual carnival was held at Heart of the Lakes Elementary School. 

The event was very well attended by young and old alike.  It was a great evening of fun, excitement and laughs - all in the spirit of raising funds for our schools.

I worked a two-hour shift at the Hoop Shoot contest. Kids by the dozens lined up to take three shots each at a mini-hoop. They handed over their game tickets and I handed them a foam basketball. Everyone was a winner, regardless of their free throw percentages.

Making even one shot earned each kid a chocolate chip granola bar. We had fun, whether they made it or missed it.  Some of the regulars in the line got the unfortunate news that I had run out of granola bars and they were getting a handful of green beans. "Fine," they would say before handing me their ticket and go about taking their shot.

As my shift ended and the event came to a close, there were still hundreds of people still buying auction items, eating their meals and enjoying each other's company. 

Saturday night was much of the same as the 549 Foundation held its annual Honey Bee Gala.

As expected, another night of fun, excitement and laughs all in the spirit of raising funds for our schools.

On this night, I was on the other end of the games. Adults by the dozens lined up to take a shot at winning a prize. We signed our names on auction items or handed over our money in exchange for tickets. We had fun whether we won or lost. 

We watched as several students and community members were recognized for their outstanding commitment to our community and schools.

My wife and I enjoyed a great meal, including green beans, and we met some new friends and knew that our money would go to help not only our children, but all of those in the district.