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Author gives presentation at Perham Rotary meeting

Lynn Hummel, his daughter Sally Roe, wife Bev and son-in-law Myron Roe at a recent meeting of the Perham Rotary. Melissa Swenson/FOCUS

Lynn Hummel, author of "One Town, One Team," spoke to the Perham Rotary Club on April 5.

"'One Town, One Team,' is a book that should be read by everyone who has ties to Perham," said Hummel.

While the book centers around the 2010-11 Perham boys basketball team and the collapse of 3-point shooter, Zach Gabbard, it also incorporates some of the collective elements that supported Zach, his family and the team. Additionally, the book gives a short history lesson about the long-standing tradition of excellence for which the community is known.

Hummel, who conducted 66 interviews for the book, has put together a time capsule of what was, for those who lived through it, a tumultuous time in Perham history.

An avid basketball fan, Hummel makes his home in Detroit Lakes with his wife Bev. The Hummels have three adult children, one of them being Sally Roe (Myron), who is a resident of Perham.